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This site contains both blog posts and an archive of more lengthy works of mine that are not published elsewhere. 


Inescapable Otherness -   Otherness is a word/idea that gets a lot of use around contemporary universities.  Failure to effectively define and deal with it is polarizing our politics, undermining our social institutions, and promoting a heightened sense of interpersonal alienation.   I spent a sabbatical semester  drafting a book manuscript addressing effects on the environmental planning and design professions and, subsequently, taught my findings in a seminar course entitled: The Design Professions in the Post-Secular Present at Virginia Tech.  I later adapted the content for an adult Sunday School class entitled: Speaking [and Living] the Truth in Love.  Here, I am updating and repackaging the core content with more of a 'basic worldview and liberal education for Christians' purpose in view.

  • Audience/Purpose: a primary audience  (not the only intended audience) for these posts are Christians who want to become more adept at reading and responding to the contemporary culture of global pluralism.  For more about audiences and my motives see Bias and Vulnerability.

  • Format: posts are sequentially ordered (least to most recent) for the purpose of constructing a continuous and internally consistent line of analysis and argument.

Christian Academic Community -  These posts constitute my contribution to development of a shared narrative for the Christian academic commuity that is forming at the Bradley Study Center.  

Items of Interest - should be self-explanatory.


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